Managed Services

24×7 Networking Monitoring And Remediation



Most businesses cannot afford to have an on-site support engineer managing their IT network every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BDT’s remote monitoring and remediation solution resolves this issue. BDT’s Network Infrastructure Monitoring and Remediation Service is a 24/7/365 solution that holistically observes your whole network infrastructure; servers, routers, switches, firewalls, unified communications equipment, edge and other attached devices. Our service monitors and proactively responds to issues within your network on a continuous basis, from alert reporting to 100% problem ownership. We accomplish this by having a highly trained and specialized technical and management staff. This staff utilizes an advanced set of processes, monitoring and alerting tools, and leverages our redundant network operations centers (NOCs) in Atlanta and Parsippany, N.J.


Our Network Operations Centers watches the health of your network, hardware and infrastructure software every minute of every day. We analyze the baseline performance of your infrastructure, apply monitoring policies based on your priorities, then keep tabs on all aspects of your computing network, from noise level alerts to actionable events. If a service stops, an error is recorded, or a critical hardware or performance threshold is hit, an alert goes out to our network operations center and our technicians respond. Our engineers then diagnose and remediate all problems…often before you are aware of the issue. An example of some of our services includes: 24/7/365 monitoring and remote support, alert management, intrusion detection, patching and security updates, inventory, asset management, and powerful dashboard views and management reporting.


If your business relies heavily on your network and computing infrastructure for its critical functions and applications, then latency, outages and security breaches can have a severe impact. This has consequences for the whole business cycle from operations to employee productivity to customer service and all the way to your bottom line.

The reality is, however, that network infrastructure monitoring is often an afterthought for organizations. Time, technical expertise and lack of resources are common reasons why business who critically depend on their network and computing infrastructure fail to design and implement an adequate monitoring and remediation strategy. That’s why both SMB and Enterprise organizations entrust this service need to experts like BDT. It is just too complex and challenging for many businesses to do themselves.


With BDT’s 24/7/365 Network Infrastructure Monitoring and Remediation Services, you can entrust this important need to service experts who have many years of “best practices†network infrastructure management experience and a business perspective to understand and deliver preventative and proactive data center solutions.

BDT services come in a variety of options designed to meet an organization’s unique and specific needs, from alert based reporting to BDT total ownership of diagnoses, remediation and reporting of all actionable events. Our Managed Services can increase operational efficiencies and reduce operational costs by up to 30 percent. Our offerings cover the entire technology management lifecycle – from assessment and design to deployment, documentation and ongoing support. We are large enough to be experienced and reliable but small enough to understand that our clients need a customized solution. We are currently managing hundreds of networks and tens of thousands of network-connected devices. Our design, implementation and ongoing services are intrinsically designed to be flexible and responsive. The BDT Managed Services team has been ranked among the world’s most progressive Managed Service Providers (MSPs) by the MSPMentor/Nine Lives Media organization.

Latency, outages, security breaches. Any one of these problems is cause for immediate action. That means any business that seriously relies on its network for day-to-day operations of enterprise applications, e-mail, Web site and more must have a 24×7 monitoring scheme and resolution plan in place. The reality is, however, that network monitoring is often an afterthought for resource-strapped organizations.

With BDT’s 24×7 Network Monitoring and Remediation Services, you can entrust this important need to service experts who have many years of successful network management experience and the business perspective in holistic data center solutions to prioritize their response. BDT keeps tabs on your entire network with advanced monitoring and alerting tools. Our redundant network operations centers (NOCs) in Atlanta and Teterboro, N.J., can provide 24×7 monitoring of servers, edge devices, routers, switches, firewalls and unified communications equipment. Our service monitors and proactively responds to issues within your network on a continuous basis.


  • Deep monitoring of a large breadth of network attached devices
  • Around-the-clock remote remediation and escalation
  • Powerful alerting engine
  • Multiple shift awareness
  • Powerful dashboard views and reporting