Data Center Services Overview

End User Computing

The best expression of a well-designed and managed enterprise data center is an end-user experience that is simultaneously secure, reliable, efficient and intuitive.

BDT’s expertise in virtualization and security is a fundamental foundation of its suite of technology solutions and services focused on making the most of computing client technology—whether that client technology is a desktop tower system, notebook computer, smart phone or thin client.

BDT End-User Computing services help your organization better manage its mission-critical applications with an eye to business continuity needs and licensing requirements. As the enterprise world becomes more mobile, we help end users stay secure by applying access control parameters depending on an individual’s job function. Our skills in server virtualization also enable BDT to provision new applications with a minimum of headache for the end user.

Ultimately, our goal is to help your employees get their jobs done more efficiently by unleashing new applications and capabilities quickly no matter where they are or what sort of device best suits their needs.


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology offers a secure way for business professionals to access critical data while allowing them to roam a corporate campus environment or more geographically dispersed locations. Here are three core VDI value propositions:

  • It can either be deployed on existing desktop or notebook hardware or rolled out via energy-efficient thin client computing devices. This could reduce hardware investments, if you’re facing the need to upgrade.
  • User profiles are managed and provisioned centrally, so professionals have access only to the applications and data appropriate for their particular job function.
  • Organizations can more effectively ensure compliance with privacy regulations. That’s because data is stored on the server, rather than on individual desktops.

BDT’s VDI offering ranges from pre-deployment assessments to deployment of thin client hardware to modifications that might be required to existing storage and networking infrastructure.


One of the best ways to thwart systems management challenges and problems down the road is to embrace a disciplined, methodical approach to technology provisioning. That is, making sure that when a new desktop, laptop or mobile device is commissioned within your organization that it includes the appropriate applications, data storage pools, and communications capabilities for people to do their job. Provisioning takes on even more weight when your organization is deploying and managing virtualized applications and desktops: It is critical for ensuring that access to certain applications and data is granted only when appropriate, depending on the role of the end user. BDT helps define system and user profiles that can be used as part of your provisioning process, helping reduce the number of unique custom configurations your IT organization needs to manage.


The days of banning Internet access as a means of protecting corporate data are long gone. But unauthorized network access can wreak havoc with your proprietary data, negatively affect productivity, and stunt your company’s ability to compete.

BDT provides a full range of security services that automatically detect, isolate, and clean infected or vulnerable devices that attempt to access your network. These solutions can identify whether networked devices such as laptops and other mobile communications devices are compliant with security policies and repair vulnerabilities before permitting connections.

BDT Security services include:

  • Host intrusion prevention
  • Spyware/adware protection
  • Distributed firewall capabilities
  • Malicious mobile code protection

We help your organization stay one step ahead of hackers, viruses and other threats to your company’s most important asset—its data.