Data Center Services Overview

Data Center

BDT’s skillset in design, integration and support of data center solutions is the answer for businesses seeking a partner to define and implement their strategy for data center solutions – including next-generation private cloud and public cloud computing infrastructure.

We offer cutting-edge, quality technology and services for Consolidations, Data Center Optimization, Networking/Security, Storage and Virtualization. Our expertise is informed by strategic alliances and partnerships with technology leaders including Cisco Systems, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, and VMware.


Virtualization isn’t just an efficiency play. It dramatically improves an organization’s ability to react to competitive dynamics. It can ensure core applications are readily available. In fact, virtualization is the core of the next-generation IT architecture: an architecture that is resilient and highly available, operates at peak efficiencies, and is flexible enough to allow for the rapid provisioning of new IT services that underpin new corporate revenue streams.

BDT is a recognized innovator in virtualization strategy, architecture and virtual infrastructure management. We are a leading-edge partner for the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) Coalition, an initiative spearheaded by Cisco, EMC and VMware. These credentials – along with more than 15 years of expertise in desktop management and data center design, operations and change management – make BDT an ideal strategic partner for your virtualization needs.


A solid, well-architected network and security backbone gives organizations more than peace of mind. Ensuring virtualized data center infrastructure is available quickly, securely and reliably is a competitive advantage – one that lets your organization focus on satisfying customers and growing your business.

BDT can offer the objective perspective your business needs to ensure your network evolves in a way that allows your data center to perform to its full potential. We can assess your existing inefficiencies, address them and monitor your network proactively as it evolves. We document your blueprint so your IT organization understands the network itself, as well as interdependencies that affect maintenance, troubleshooting and planning around future applications and technologies. We also have extensive wireless infrastructure experience and can perform surveys that help your organization ditch the wires with the proper planning to ensure adequate coverage and security.


The wave of server virtualization and consolidation projects has prompted many IT organizations to consider architectures a more radical approach to data center infrastructure – integrating computing, networking, storage access and virtualization into a single platform. Enter the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), which couples a low-latency, lossless 10 Gigabit Ethernet unified network fabric with enterprise-class, x86-architecture servers.

Cisco UCS was designed to help reduce total cost of infrastructure ownership by decoupling scale from complexity. The platform incorporates a standards-based network fabric that is supported by industry-leading Cisco business partners. They key is that the platform allows businesses to provision capacity incrementally as needs dictate, providing a migration path from current data center environments into the next-generation cloud computing world.


Worldwide shipments of disk storage capacity keep on doubling every two years. So how do you keep a handle on your company’s storage budget in the face of explosion of unstructured content, including video, digital images, voice and instant messaging traffic?

BDT storage experts proactively control your organization’s storage spending by helping your IT staff find ways to achieve higher utilization from existing storage devices. Our team is skilled in the design, implementation and support of storage area networks (SANs), which create a dedicated, centrally managed secure infrastructure that makes storage devices available to all the servers on the SAN. Layered on top of these services are our data deduplication solutions, which allow you to squeeze out even more storage by providing a disciplined, automated approach to eliminating duplicate copies of files or data blocks.


BDT treats security as integral to our data center solution design, deployment and support services. Our expertise extends from platform-level security concerns across virtual and network infrastructure, such as virtual firewalls to network access protection appliances. We can also offer protection of client hardware and software – including mobile devices – through anti-virus and content-filtering services that reinforce your corporate compliance and disclosure policies.

Fundamentally speaking, each of our own solutions and services is designed with security firmly in mind. We can also offer insight into the security of your existing infrastructure and recommendations that will help improve your corporate cybersecurity stance.