Data Center Services Overview

Business Continuity

The cost of unplanned downtime-whether it’s from a network disturbance, hardware failure, acts of nature or terrorism—can range from thousands to millions of dollars. BDT understands business continuity is not just about getting your servers back up and running; it is about proactively addressing potential points of failure and preventing technology from failing in the first place.

Through our Business Continuity services portfolio, BDT helps your organization craft an integrated technology and business process strategy to ensure the availability, recoverability, performance and security of your IT and business functions. We provide a detailed analysis of your operations, document your critical business processes, and shore up your company’s readiness in the event of planned or unplanned downtime.

Our team will help you construct and evolve your plans for disaster recovery, data backup and replication, and storage architecture, all vital components of a broader Business Continuity strategy.


BDT recognizes that high availability is not an option for businesses, it is a requirement. Our professional services team can devise the essential technology backbone and plan to support your business operations and minimize overall risk and potential for lost revenue, should your systems or data unexpectedly become unavailable because of a natural disaster or terrorist act.

Our consultants examine how downtime impacts every department and every critical and corporate-level function. We use this information to define each area’s acceptable recovery time and set recovery point objectives in the event of a disaster or hardware failure during routine maintenance.

Drawing on its wide range of relationships with key technology infrastructure providers, BDT disaster recovery services will identify the partners that best meet your company’s unique disaster recovery needs.


The requirement for 24×7 access to information, along with the explosion in structured and unstructured data under management, have put a serious strain on backup and recovery processes.

BDT Data Protection/Data Management services ensure your backup and recovery systems have the capability and the capacity to effectively store your data and, more importantly, to retrieve it should the need urgently arise. We can devise a comprehensive process for all your backup needs—from preparing and maintaining a media tracking system for tapes or CD-ROMs to verifying and ensuring the integrity of your backups.

Our skills include an extensive background in the latest data replication techniques. By using data replication at the heart of your backup strategy, your company can reduce backup windows while ensuring that your team can always retrieve mission-critical information as quickly as possible.


Well-defined data management, protection and replication processes are the foundation for a comprehensive archiving strategy.

Our services consider the value of your company’s structured and unstructured data and determine which data should be recovered first. We evaluate business dependency and financial impact levels, which will effect backup media options such as tape, disk, CD-ROM, RAID, SAN or NAS. We’ll also examine how IT staffing levels, geographic locations, number of users impacted, physical environment, software applications and Web technologies might affect your data archiving strategy.

We can also define processes to maintain data in accordance with governance and compliance standards—notably those for healthcare and financial services organizations. Our implementation service provides for a client-specific solution based on industry-leading technologies, with knowledge transfer, if appropriate.


Smart database design is the lynchpin of mission-critical business intelligence applications. That’s why BDT has invested in a wealth of database architecture tuning and management services.

We can assist with the development of a comprehensive enterprise data management strategy that helps drive valuable information into virtually every corner of your business, offering analysis, reporting and notifications through scorecards and dashboards. We can help automate many traditional database administration tasks, extend valuable database services to mobile devices, reduce the potential for application downtime, and improve transaction-processing performance for key enterprise and e-commerce applications. BDT’s database services team supports a wealth of leading database platforms including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database and MySQL.