Carlos Freire

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Carlos Freire holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and has over 18 years of successful experience in positions of increasing responsibility and duties. He is currently managing a $3 million budget in a transportation agency. In addition, his job requires the demonstration of creativity, initiative and good judgment when dealing with incidents. He has the ability to communicate thoughts clearly and simply to operators and both internal and external customers. His decision-making, problem-solving and research skills are also essential to performing his daily functions.

As a Sales Agent with United Airlines, Carlos learned to collect and analyze data. He played a key role in the shrewd strategy that airlines use to maximize profits by forecasting future load factors.

His intentions are to provide every Brick Data Customer with the ability to help their business grow, identify opportunities, and create products that fit the market. This requires creativity and a sense of timing along with the leadership talent to build a loyal customer base. Carlos will focus on the development of a focused business strategy, a sustainable business model, and go-to-market plan to ensure company growth and profitability. Brick Data Technology’s global thinking and willingness to move to key offshore markets to lead the charge will help our clients find an appropriate match between needs set and company size.