Backup Professional and Support Services

Brick Data Technology ® Services exemplify the value and benefits that customers have come to expect from Brick Data Technology. Our global team of consultants, architects, and engineers help our customers overcome the inherent challenges of independently designing, planning and building-out modern data and information management environments.

Consulting Services

The Consulting Services organization is an experienced team of trusted advisors who help clients understand their current environment, envision a pragmatic future state, and develop architectures and processes to realize their goals. Our industry specialists lead clients on transformational journeys with proven, consultative methods in the areas of Modern Data Protection, Archive & Compliance, Disaster Recovery and Operations Optimization. Read More


Professional Services

Busy IT departments are finding it more challenging than ever to operate and maintain their existing backup, recovery and archive solutions, much less install and configure a modern data and information management solution. Read More


Brick Data Technology® Support Services, with industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings, is a combination of people, processes, technology, and talent that Customers trust to help them leverage the full value of Backup Enterprise software regardless of date, time, or worldwide location. Read More